HMRC Struggles To Keep Customers Happy

There are millions of people who may have filled their tax returns incorrectly. This was pointed out in a recent study. Part of the main reason was because HMRC failed to answer their calls. This situation has been noted as a disappointment whenever people try to use the HMRC contact number.

Pension_pay_2416250bHalf of the calls from the total volume in the first six months of last year were not picked up. It was equivalent to around 12 million unanswered calls. MPs in charge of the Public Accounts Committee did say that on top of the fact that its performance has gotten worse, HMRC has yet to produce a plan detailing how it plans to address the matter.

Issues Around

As there are still issues with handling calls to the helpline, people are getting frustrated. The response rate in the first half of the year fell by 1.8%. This was down to 74.5% as compared to last year. HMRC says it was expecting to achieve a more consistent performance in the future. The response rate in 2014 was 79%. It was considered one of the better years for call management.

HMRC says that the customer mails are also at a falling level. This has been a result of a much improved call handling, increased efficiency of the online services plus the social media use and its popularity. The current post backlog may not meet the 80% clearing goal but it’s a good improvement. The goal was to clear it in 15 working days.


Valid Fears

The fears that the pensioners are particularly impacted are becoming valid. As fewer of them are using the internet, there are chances they are being left behind. They often have the complicated tax arrangements too.

It is now a public knowledge that HMRC has to improve its customer service and fast. It was previously described by the PAC as disappointing and today is even worse. Many critics have considered its performance as a genuine threat to the collection of taxes.

Tax-LawThe belief that there is progress on deterring tax evasions and avoidance is not true. The taxman is becoming incapable of running a good service for the taxpayers, concentrating on getting their share of the taxpayer’s income only. The concern on the customer service level is so bad. Many are thinking that this had impacted the collection of tax revenues adversely.

Addressing the Concerns

The government agency is said to be making sure that they are addressing these concerns. They claim that a wide range of actions is at hand to address the raised issues by members. Services are still not within an acceptable level. There are plans to turn that performance around spread over the next two years. The agency is promising significant improvements for both phone and online metrics.

The agency says that it is still a significant challenge to overcome. They are, however, doing everything they can. Gathering feedback and conducting post implementation reviews are helping them a lot. It is evolving into a continuing improvement project to ensure that HMRC creates a much better performance over the years.


HMRC Faces The Future Bright With Systems Management

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is making sure that they are addressing their members’ concerns. HMRC said in a statement that a range of actions is on hand. This is to address the raised issues by their members. The agency recognizes that the service levels expected are still not within an acceptable level but there are plans strong enough to turn that performance around. Over the next two year, the agency promise significant improvements for both phone and online metrics.

Income-tax-gameThey are realistic enough to say that overcoming the challenge will not be achieved overnight. They accept the fact that it is a significant one to overcome and they are doing everything within their means to make sure that they provide better services over the years. They remain committed to working with their members to achieve significant changes. The consistent means of gathering feedback and post implementation review have evolved to be a continuous improvement mechanism in ensuring that the HMRC customer service creates a better performance over the years.

Improvements Made

HRMC hopes that the British people will be able to wait for the improvements to take place and for the service to have a great difference from the present situation.

The agency is asking for feedback if there was improvement or not. They continue to conduct improvement plans to make sure that the HMRC service gets better especially in the management of telephone lines.  There is still significant amount of complaints of people not getting through the HMRC lines especially in the month of July. July is when tax credits renewal happen. It is a difficult month for HMRC due to the additional demand to get on the phone with the tax experts.

Tax Agents Hotline

For tax agents, it is advised to make full use of the HMRC agent dedicated lines. As the general taxpayer lines get heavy, an agent will have better chances getting through if they use the hotline instead. It is faster to get to someone who can help them further. If you are still encountering issues addressing your client’s problem over the telephone, it may be time to use the agent account management service.

There are also Employer and Corporation Tax help lines to use. Take note of the follIMG_1059-1024x558owing:

SA and PAYE for individuals

0300 200 3311

Debt enforcement, management and banking

0300 200 3887

Tax credit priority line

0345 300 3493

Since end of 2013 over 25 million customers deal their calls through the ITA or Intelligent Telephony Automation (ITA). Over its size and scale in implementation, HMRC believes it has gone quite well. The implementation has sped up the processes especially for security of the customers. The ITA has increased the capacity to take in more calls. In so doing, the waiting time for most callers has decreased.

This has brought back very positive feedback on HMRC’s overall performance. The agency claims there freeimages.co.uk workplace imagesare still many areas that need further improvement. As it is being recognized, the new system has been doing post-implementation review.

ITA Improvement

The ITA system has been learning from feedback conducted the past years. There was an enhancement in the ITA during midyear of 2014. Key word recognition has been regularly updated to improve the efficiency of its use and the effectiveness of the tool. This update will help in improving the entire process to get hold of the correct tax advisor.

Identification of the right key words to use is critical, as the system gets lost as experts use different languages. By standardizing the systems vocabulary that the system will follow and recognize, there will be better work done from both end of the communication lines.